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Creation of a networking space for young people and residents of Liubomyryivka village, Mykolaiv oblast

The village of Liubomyryivka in the Shevchenkove community was temporarily occupied. Before the full-scale invasion, 641 people lived there; now, there are 212, including 31 children. 

Large-scale shelling destroyed the school, village hall, and administrative building of Starostat (a local self-government body in Ukraine). Out of 255 residential buildings, 96 have been repaired. The only place where the villagers can meet and receive social services is the premises of the rural health post. However, this building is also in disrepair, as the floors, walls, and electrical system need to be repaired.

Photo: The walls and floor of the only remaining administrative building require repair. Activists and local leaders will begin restoration work after preparing documents and following procedures.

Photo (from left to right): Activist Vitalii Grabar from Lviv, Denys Vynnychuk from Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Starosta (head of Starostat) Nataliia Chepik, and local leader Viktor Prysiazhniuk.

Two activists with extensive experience in community building came to this community from Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, and Lviv to help local leaders restore their Place of Strength. With support from GlobalGiving, they will work together to fix the only building where residents gather. 

Photo: A UNICEF tent is located near the rural health post, now serving as a public space. The tent provides residents shelter from inclement weather.

However, a separate space where young people can meet and spend their free time under adult supervision is needed to expand development opportunities. Since there is not enough space in the rural health post, they work with the young people outside during the summer, taking out tables and chairs and practicing outdoors.

The fundraiser is being held to create such a space. The space will have autonomous internal heating and solar panels to provide electricity.

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