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On the Network

Legal Development Network is a union of non-governmental organizations that develop territorial communities through the provision of free legal aid. The union began its formation in 2009 under the name “Network of Centers of Legal Information and Consultation”. At that time, 8 organizations decided to unite their efforts to develop common approaches to providing legal assistance in communities, generalizing typical appeals and standardizing the provision of legal assistance.

Today the Network unites 25 organizations in 15 regions of Ukraine. These organizations, based on the Networks’ offices, provide the population with basic legal information, actively cooperate with local self-government to solve individual problems and protect public interests, implement alternative ways of resolving conflicts, developing communities and leadership.

Every month, over 3000 (three thousand) address the offices of the Network and through its online services for legal assistance. A wide range of legal issues the lawyers of the Network work with include but are not limited to: land, labor, social and family cases. Much attention is paid to solving the problems of internally displaced persons and participants of the Anti-Terrorist operation.


We empower people legally, protect human rights and freedoms, and develop communities


Establishing the rule of law and sustainable development of communities in Ukraine

Everyone has the opportunity to receive legal aid at the office of the Network which is accessible physically or on the Internet

High level of legal responsibility of citizens who enjoy legal security and safety and know how to address their own and public problems.

Each community can use local legal aid programs, local acts for launching public hearings and community initiatives

Each community can attract local budget to address community problems

The offices of the Network operate in a consistent manner in each region of Ukraine. Their successful practices and experiences are spreading nationally and internationally


  • Human being
  • Partnership and synergy
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Equity and impartiality

Strategic activities:

  • Legal empowerment – creating a critical mass of people who know their rights, are able and motivated to protect and
    promote them.
  • Professional legal support for communities – shaping environment for building communities that are able to address their problems in a legal way
  • Institutional capacity of the Network – development of a coherent union of civil society organizations operating in the community’s interest.


Legal Development Network

We believe in positive changes. We motivate people for conscious actions.

Any change in the state starts with one person, so every person is important.

We change the life of communities.

Our associates and communities, we work in, are inspiring and encouraging us.

We are incredible romantics and believe in a bright future.

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Our ideals are: respect for the human dignity, faith in the community dignity, and respect for the rule of law.

We believe that a true democratic society is being formed in Ukraine.

As we are full of energy and faith in the feasibility of changes in the society, we are the ones who will really change it!

To achieve a better life together, join us!

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