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Humanitarian hub “Murashnyk” becomes a resource center

Publication date: May 23, 2024

We have repeatedly told you about the Murashnyk (Anthill) Humanitarian Hub, which was created in the city of Khmilnyk, Vinnytsia oblast, by lawyers and activists of the NGO Pravo at the beginning of the full-scale war, and which has become a comfortable support space for IDPs and residents. Today, the center is going through a new stage of its activity: it is turning into a resource center. Vitalii Dorokh, the head of the NGO “Pravo”, explained to the Legal Development Network what this means and the new mission of the Murashnyk.

Vitalii Dorokh, head of the NGO “Pravo”.

From the very first months of the war, the Murashnyk hub began to expand rapidly, implementing new projects to help IDPs. Thanks to these projects, people now receive not only legal assistance but also comprehensive support in adapting to a new life in war.

  • “Each of Murashnyk’s initiatives is the result of the hard work of its founders and partners, their creative approach and sincere desire to help compatriots forced to seek refuge from war in the Khmilnyk community,” says Vitalii Dorokh.

Since the hub’s inception, its team has been able to support and continue the activities that were already underway and implement new ones. Over time, new initiatives have been added to the five existing ones. And now, the Murashnyk team is implementing more than a dozen of them.

  • “After analyzing the activities of the Humanitarian Center, as well as the environment in the community, the team of the NGO “Pravo” decided to transform the Humanitarian Hub “Murashnyk” into the Resource Center “Murashnyk”. This new stage in developing our initiative is a step forward in supporting and assisting active citizens in implementing their ideas and projects. We believe in the power of joint action and joining forces to achieve common goals and improve the world around us,” the head of the organization said.
For about two and a half years of operation, Murashnyk has become a big home for everyone. Photo: NGO “Pravo.”

According to Vitalii Dorokh, the updated Murashnyk Resource Center will focus on supporting the initiatives of active community members, contributing to the development and strengthening of civil society*.  Partners and the community will benefit from the organisation’s significant professional, organizational, institutional and analytical potential, whose team is always ready to provide maximum support and resources for implementing valuable initiatives.

* Read more about what the Murashnyk Resource Center and the NGO Pravo offer to active Khmilnyk community residents and NGO representatives on the Murashnyk Facebook page.

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